[Coco] CoCoNutz Newsletter Confusion

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PHP is an extension for a Hypertext Preprocessor. It's commonly used server
side for more interactive web site content, and is often used for message
boards, web communities, etc. (www.coco3.com) Most PHP files if you happen
to get one are simple text files and can be read in NOTEPAD or Wordpad. 

You can learn more about PHP here: http://www.php.net/

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What is a .php file?

This is unsupported by WinRar, Winzip and Adobe Reader.

I changed Vol 2 Issue 1's extention to .pdf and I was able to read it.

I changed Volume 1 Issue 4 extention to .zip and was able to unzip it to a
.pdf file that was readable.

So once again, the question, what is a .php file.

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