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I had intended to get the second edition of "Tandy's Little Wonder: The Color Computer, 1979-1991" printed so a few copies could be sent to the CoCoFest this weekend. I got notified a couple months ago that I'll be deploying to Afghanistan May 8 through mid September and just couldn't get everything done! It is now ready, but since I'm leaving soon I can only offer to e-mail the 4MB file to those with a PayPal account. I'm asking $12 for the book e-mailed to you. Of course it's copyrighted and I ask that the file not be shared with others. You may keep one electronic copy and one printed copy for your personal use at all times. I can only fill orders through Thursday, May 4th!! Sorry about this, but Uncle Sam sending me away means I have to limit to PayPal and e-mail. I'll offer CD-ROM versions for $15 (sent anywhere in the US) and possibly a hard copy when I return. 

For those who aren't familiar with "Tandy's Little Wonder", here's the table of contents:

Writting Conventions 6

Introduction 7

History 8
CoCo Hardware Prices: 1980-1991 34
CoCo Clones 36
Dragon Systems/Tano Dragon 36
FHL TC-9 38
Operating Enviroments &Programming Languages
Color Basic 39
Compiled BASIC 45
Converting Between BASICs 45
Other DECB Programming Languages
CoCo-C 46
CF-83 FORTH 46
Machine/Assembly Language 48
Binary & Hexadecimal Conversions 49
Microwares' OS-9 50
NitrOS-9 53

Glenside Color Computer Club 54
Cloud-9 54
Internet Resources 55
The CoCo Library 56
Past Magazines 57
A Tribute to "The Rainbow" Magazine 58

Technical Reference
Video Display Devices 59
Mass Storage 63
Printers 68
Expansion Devices 70
Miscellaneous Devices 74

Hardware Upgrades & Modifications
ROM Upgrades 75
RAM Upgrades 76
Upgrading the Keyboard 78
The Hitachi 6309 CPU 79
Putting It All In One Case 81
General Procedures/Tools 82
General Trouble Shooting 83
MC6809E CPU 85
MC6821/6822 PIA 85
MC6883 and 74LS783/785 SAM 86
MC6847 and MC6847T1 VDG 86
The GIME 87
Disk Controller and Drive Repairs 87
RS-232 Pak Repairs 88
Multi-Pak Intrface (MPI) Repairs 89
Power Supply Repairs 89

The "Colour" Computer Down Under 92
The "68xxx" Story 93
Two Boys and the CoCo 94
Frank Hogg and Frank Hogg Labs 95
About FARNA Systems 97

Color Computer Users Guide 100
Serial Interface 101
Cassette Interface 101
Joystick Interface 101
RGB Interface 102
Cartridge Connector 102
ASCII Character Codes 102
BASIC/Extended/Disk Error Codes 103
Bank Switched ROM Paks (Activision) 103

Typical B&W TV Circuit 61
CoCo 1 (D&E board) 104
CoCo 2 (American made) 107
CoCo 2 (Korean A, B is similar) 109
CoCo 3 111
Multi-Pak Interface (large) 113
Multi-Pak Interface (small) 114
FD-501 Disk Controller 115
FD-501 Disk Drive 116
Chip Placement Guides 117
Block Diagrams: GIME and MC6809E 119

CoCo 1 3
15th Annual "Last" CoCoFest 4
CoCo 1 Magazine Ad 33
CoCo 2 Tandy Catalog Page 33
TANO Dragon 37
FHL TC-9 (on cover of Rainbow) 38
CoCo 2 w/accessories 42
Cloud-9 Super IDE HD controller 52
Cloud-9 512K SIMM Memory Upgrade 52
TRS-80 Color BASIC book cover 56
Typical CoCo 3 setup 57
Rainbow first/mid/last issue covers 58
CoCo 3 connectors 75
Exploded view of CoCo 3 121

Photo Gallery
14 pages of bonus photos added just before publishing in
April 2006! 122 - Back Cover

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Publisher, "American Independent 
Magazine" (AIM)
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