[Coco] 1000sx update

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Wed Apr 19 05:08:18 EDT 2006

I'd like to thank everybody here on the coco list for helping me out
with my Tandy 1000sx.  I was able to get a SCSI and then MFM drives
working on it.  I was able to test my moldering pile of MFM drives!
Only one of them refused to spin up.  Not bad for a bunch of old

Out of Tradition's sake, I went with a Microtek MFM controller and a
ST-251 drive.  Two partitions, a 32Meg and an 8Meg.  DOS 3 bites. ;-)

So, two questions:
1) Does anybody know what an ST-251 MLC-1 is?  I suspect it's not
MFM.  ESDI maybe?

2) Does anybody have a N-1000, 3c501, or other 8-bit ethernet card
   they're not using?  With AUI or UTP, please. I fear cheapernet! :-)

Willard Goosey  goosey at sdc.org
Socorro, New Mexico, USA
"I've never been to Contempt!  Isn't that somewhere in New Mexico?"
   --- Yacko

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