[Coco] OT: New Scam

George Ramsower Yahoo at DVDPlayersOnly.com
Fri Sep 30 22:32:50 EDT 2005

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From: "John W. Linville" <linville at tuxdriver.com>

> On Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 08:31:22PM -0500, George Ramsower wrote:
>> He was JOKING!!!
> I'm not convinced of that...even so, anyone that has been an adult
> in the past 30 years ought to know better than to make racist jokes
> or attribute racist intentions to others in a public setting...

Let's' take this to another forum. I welcome it.

 I'm HOT on this.

 A LOT of people think a Jew is a member of a RACE, by golly! If a person 
has "Slanted eyes" then they are the enemy. If their skin is dark, they are 
 Get real.
 A joke is a joke. Get a sense of humor and your life will be MUCH better.

 One of the problems with the INTERNET is that we can't see people's faces 
when they "Say" what they typed.
 Please give everyone a break, some credit and some humor.
 You will have seen my other post on this subject ( by now )  and you might 
wish to join in on the discussion, if it develops into the same.

 I really love to read the posts to the COCO list when it is related to the 
coco. I really am interested in OS-9..... NOT NITROS9.

 Sorry... I don't have a 6309 in my house.

 With Nitros9-6809, ( the shell that came with it ) I can't do the <cntrl>A 
to get my last command line.
 I haven't tried much else with it. However, I'm not sure about the feel of 
 I've been uing OS-9 for so many years, I'm comfortable with it( after some 
bug fixes ).


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