[Coco] [Color Computer] puppo adaptor help needed

Chris Hawks chawks at dls.net
Sat Sep 24 18:00:37 EDT 2005

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> two of the connections on my puppo adaptor came off of my computer, I 
> need to know where the red and white wires are supposed to connect to 
> the CoCo3 I don't have the directions anymore. If someone has the 
> directions for installing this or has one, please help.
> Thanks


    My puppo has 3 wires (black, white and orange striped). The black wire
(comes from the middle of the board) goes to reset. The white wire
(closest to the edge of the board) goes to ground. The orange stripe (near
white on the board) goes to 5 volts. My puppo is in a PC cages, so I can't
say where the power and ground go on a coco3. Mine ate connected to a
drive power plug.


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