[Coco] CoCo3 and OS-9

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Wed Sep 21 15:12:29 EDT 2005

Andrew wrote:

> All,
> With all this talk about the OS-9 and such, I thought I would ask, 
> partially for my benefit as well as for others who may not have given 
> it as much thought as myself - how do you set up a real (and/or 
> emulated) CoCo with OS-9?
For the real deal, the smallest setup for Nitros9 is any CoCo 3, or a 
CoCo 2 with 64Kb (for level  1) and a single drive.
I would recommend you to get a CoCo3 with dual floppy drives, or a 512Kb 
that you could use with 1 floppy and a "big" (+128Kb) RAMDrive
The RTC is not much more than a toy... for me at least. Once you enter 
the time and date at boot, the system kind of keeps it.
I have a 512 Kb with 2 drives, and it's happy running Dynacalc, 
Multivue, 2 text windows, while most of the commands are loaded into RAM 
and a 96 Kb RAM disk is loaded, all at the same time.
For the emulators... give this one a try if you use windows:
It's still beta, but it's tiny and loads Nitros9 better than MESS. At 
least, some DSK files that gave me errors (247) in MESS, work OK in this 


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