CoCo3 FLEX? was Re: [Coco] DECB on the COCO -

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at
Fri Sep 16 21:23:09 EDT 2005


As I am familiar with Jeff's Emulator but not any others. Learning another
emulator may or may not be the quickest path to what I wish to do.

That is, to run text files through the FLEX Preprocessor saving the text
output. Editing will be done using several possibilities under windows.
Transferring files into the emulator and out using Jeff's utilities. That is
the CoCo 2 Emulator, the CoCo 3 emulator is not needed.

The FLEX basic preprocessor is on a FLEX 35 Track Single sided disk which I
can copy to an OS-9 Level I disk and then to Windows and then to Jeff's
emulator disk. Binary format of course.

That is the only task I need to do under FLEX. No need to read any other
FLEX disks.

I assume that the CoCo FLEX emulator DSK images are in Jeff's emulator
format. If this is incorrect, please tell me.

Should you or anyone wish to obtain a run able copy of the FLEX
Preprocessor, please E-mail me. The doc file is much larger than the binary,
OCR version with minor corrections maybe done. I will later check if any
FLEX archive wants a copy.

Stephen H. Fischer

jdaggett at wrote:
> Stephen
> off that site is a SWTPC emulator that has also  with it a disk
> management program for windows that will read the *.dsk files and
> import and extract files to *.dsk format.
> james

>> If someone knows or discovers which of the various CoCo Flex DSK's is
>> the best one to run FLEX on Jeff's emulator, please tell me.
>> I do not have knowledge about 50x, never had any.
>> After checking, I may not have to backup or format any FLEX disks as
>> they may be in the ZIP.
>> Stephen H. Fischer 

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