[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] Tomcat

Dave P. coconut at wormfood.org
Tue Sep 13 10:59:02 EDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 09:21 -0600, Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote:
> P.S Has anyone out there ever bought or used the Dalmar System 4 (Rainbow
> cover September 1991) it also looks like a VERY SWEET system.
> -Glen

Hi Glen,
I own a PT68K4, which is the motherboard that the Delmar System IV was
built around. The PT68K4 was designed by Fred Brown, of Peripheral
Technology in Georgia, near Atlanta. When I went to Comdex in Atlanta in
the early 90s (93 I think), I was lucky enough to be able to visit
Fred's base of operations there, which was really cool.

I got my PT68K4 as a kit. It started as a bare circuit board. You can
see a few pictures of it at http://wormfood.net/old_computers/ including
my mod to double the RAM capacity. I also recently got two PT68K2s, so I
have at least one spare PT68K2 that I am willing to trade with, if
anyone wants it. The PT68K2 is software compatable with the PT68K4, but
usually running at a slower speed and with less memory.

I'm just before going to sleep, so I'm tired, and I can't think of much
more to say about it right now, but feel free to ask me any questions
you have about it.

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