[Coco][Color Computer] Is this likely to work ?

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Yes it can be done that way. Though the stock OS9  is designed to 
work with disk drives, it can be rewritten to work with flash ROM and 
RAM. Motorola did that with OS9 for the Pagewriter 2K series of 
pagers. The processor was the Dragonball 68328 series. Last 
revision was to migrate to the MC68328VZ. 

Yes it can be done. It may take a bit of work to do it though.

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> ISTR that one of the key features of OS-9 was it's ability to 'bind'
> ROM modules into itself to extend it. That way you could have all of
> the OS-9 software in ROM - minimum disk access required.
> Neil
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> From: "Boisy G. Pitre" <boisy at boisypitre.com>
> > One thing that comes to mind from Phill's idea is a large RAM Disk.
> > There was a similar product back in the 80s for the CoCo 2, I
> > believe  it was called the J&R Banker or something similar?
> >
> > Of course, a cartridge based battery-backup RAM disk would also be 
> > nice. CRC's Tony Distefano had a 256K and 512K model, and I myself 
> > have the 512K one.  With today's RAM, you could easily support 
> > megabytes of RAM space.
> >
> > The possibilities are fun and endless...
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