[Coco] OT: Blog from New Orleans area.

Roger Taylor roger at newfoal.com
Sun Sep 4 19:55:51 EDT 2005

At 08:20 PM 9/3/2005, you wrote:
>I hate to be dumb, but what is a Blog? My sife ws asking me the other day
>and I could't tell her.

In a nutshell, it's one of those "overnight words" that goes from zero 
popularity to astronomical popularity for no reason at all except it's a 
catchy word.  :)

A Web Log is simply an internet-based public diary, if you will, that 
people can sometimes repspond to if they like.  They can help your search 
engine rating since it adds content, etc. but for the most part it gives 
you a place to record daily thoughts and such if you don't mind everyone 
knowing it all.

Tomorrow it will be something new, like maybe a "Phrab" where you can post 
your Photos for Grab, or maybe the inevitible, "Wauction" where you can 
place your Wife on Auction!

Who knows... these silly overnight words never cease to amaze me.

Roger Taylor

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