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Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 4 13:40:53 EDT 2005

Isn't that the point of this board to discuss issues though? Whether it be
good or bad? If we didn't have any discussion, this board would not exist.
This isn't constant bickering as you put it. In fact you are the only one
seeming getting choked over the mater. I, for one, found the diction on PDF
VS DJVu fascinating and productive, because I had never heard of it before.
I assume, because of it, Mike made careful decions over it, because of the
pros and cons presented. Hey, If I had received a good response, I would be
first in line to get a USB adapter and probably many lurkers would be also.
Its only people like you self that are "Bitching". Boisy had a legitimate
issues with the thread, and he vented. Big deal. But I have not been
spiteful or hateful in my response. I know this is a big project and a
labour of love for James. (For that reason) I wish him nothing but success.
Free speech is free speech, remove yourself from this list if you cant stand
it. I am not going to argue about this any more, I encourage everyone to
participate. Even the threads along time ago that I was defending Windows-
Hey, If you can convince me that I am wrong, I will be the first to change.
>From the Rainbow discussion, it caused me to try Djvu, I don't have a closed
mind on the subject.

For God's sake, Glen, why don't you bite the bullet and totally drop ALL
arguements?  Everyone on the board knows your opinions.  Why must you
keep rehashing them over and over?  For the record, I don't really care,
from my own viewpoint, whether a USB project for the CoCo gets off the
ground or not.  However, many on this board DO care and I wish them the
good fortune of achieving that goal.

I believe you have been among the many who have been avidly supporting
the recording of The Rainbow on DVD, or whatever.  I spent weeks
deleting arguements, pro and con, about PDF, DJVu, legal arguements,
etc.  It was the worst influx of spam I have ever received.  Worse than
the Princton Board, and it was all CoCo related.  My belief is that it
is a total waste of time, based upon the content you will receive vis a
vis the cost and effort put into it.  My only arguement here, however,
is that I remained SILENT about it until now.  I only mention it here as
an example of expected group behavior and how an opposing individual has
nothing to gain by constant bickering.  You will note that many notables
on this board remain silent when various projects are discussed.  Odds
are that they oppose, or at least are indifferent to the effort but do
not wish to discourage those who are willing to apply much time and
energy for the benefit of the CoCo.

Lastly, I have been doing things with the CoCo over the last 10 years
that only I have been interested in  attempting.  Occasionly, one of
them is briefly mentioned.  Unless some people begin pounding on the
bandwidth about them, I find no need to argue and bicker over their
importance.  They are important to me because it is MY hobby.  This is
true for everyone on this board.  Please give them this respect.

Thank you.

Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote:

>Ok, as, I said before, I have given up on this argument. As someone
>else stated before (against my arguments) "Not all people have these".
>I myself only use 6 USB devices on my PC. A optical mouse, a USB (ps2
>type) game pad and an Epson printer, scanner and web Camera. I only own
>one Compact flash card (32 Meg) for my Visor and I rarely use that with
>the PC. None of these devices(except the optical mouse) that could be
>any use on the CoCo. A "game pad" is not a device that is suited for
>the CoCo. I have not seen a "Joystick" similar to the coco (or Atari
>etc) in many years USB, or otherwise. With both analog and digital
>signals coming from the game pad I wonder how the CoCo would react to
>it. That's why I asked why. A P/S 2 keyboard works JUST as well, if not
>better than any USB keyboard, and I can pick up them here in Canada for
>less then $10 brand new, and I do no need to get a hub. I have gone
>through 2 USB optical mice in the last 5 years (Logitech), but my
>original mouse for my PC (old COM port model) still works to this day
>(just have to clean it every other week). My point is USB devices may
>in fact "be cheaper" to replace
>(now) but the life span of these products just doesn't hold up. The
>USB floppy drive this morning on the futureshop website was $44.97. Like I
>have said before, Any computer store sells internal floppy drives for less
>than $10. I am not rich, but even for my PC, and all the PC's I build for
>clients (I build at least 1 a week), an internal floppy drive is only what
>use. I only use P/S 2 keyboards, unless the client wants wireless, and then
>I set him up with units that have both P/S2 and USB making it the Clients
>This is the last comment I will make on the subject. Like I said ALWAYS I
>never said "don't do it", But I will see if and when it does come out, if I
>can justify the expense. I can and will immediately justify a controller
>that will use regular 3 1/4 drives. I also would be will to pay up to a
>hundred dollars the controller alone, as I have a stockpile of at least 50
>1/4 drives from old computers kicking around. If I want a Compact flash
>reader, I will have one with The IDE controller. I have an empty FD500
>just waiting for both a Hard Drive and a 3 1/4 drive to be put in them.
>Again this is THE LAST thread I will comment to. I AM missing the point, I
>know I am, I just don't get it.
etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum!!!


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