[Coco] Why USB would be Handy

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Sat Sep 3 05:03:49 EDT 2005

The best thing to do is let the storm pass. The way I see it is that there
are a number of people still very passionate about the coco and sometimes
they bump heads.

As far as transferring files between a pc and your coco you may want to look
drivewire from cloud9. (Just a satisfied customer)


On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 11:33:22AM +0930, Brian Palmer wrote:
> personally ,I'm sick of the infighting, who cares what this person has done,
> or what this person hasen't done, If the disagreement keeps going, it's only
> going to drive new coco users away.
> You people should be glad you still have support in some way, Me I don't, I
> live in OZ, which there is no support left. so you lot bicker like theres
> nothing better to do, The coco life's to short as it is, If you keep the
> bickering going, It's only going to shorten the coco community's life.
> Why i believe the USB , is a good idea, the thought of being able to
> transfer programs, from my PC to my coco3, without having to use alot of
> programs in between, only 2 programs needed, one for the PC, the other on
> the coco 3, no more having to use floppy disks , just put in a memory stick
> in the USB, and start transferring.
> Now tell me ,if that's not going to be the easiest way to move programs back
> and forth, I know it will be, and it will have other uses also, But i leave
> that up to the other users.
> So stop the bickering, and make the coco live longer.
> Viva La CoCo

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