[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] Re: Why USB would be nice.

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Fri Sep 2 16:30:30 EDT 2005


John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 08:31 -0600, Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote:
>>I am not trying to argue or fight ethier!
>>I am not putting the "re-building" the CoCo down ethier, or even the USB, I 
>>am just asking WHY!( It seems that most believe it to be the "holy Grail" 
>>for the CoCo) People think I am argueing and being thick headed, but that is 
>>not the case here. I want to understand.
>>But everyone is saying WHAT we can do, and how much less it will cost. I am 
>>just trying to figure out WHY (besides cost and when hardware becomes 
>>imposible to replace).

Please stop asking why. There is no why. Might as well ask why we are 
here. Why do people climb Mount Everest? Maybe they think it will help 
them pickup chics at parties!

Holy grail? Don't get the impression that this is considered the holy 
grail by anyone. As you point out MOST of the stuff that would be of any 
use to a tre is already available in non-USB variants. Does not mean it 
should not be done. I, myself, have an eliminator (HD floppy capable!). 
Probably the best hard drive ever produced for the tre (ALL CHICS KNOW 
that real men use ST-506 hard drives for their tres!). So, like you, I 
won't need the USB thing either.

> -	oddball devices like graphics pad (I think X-Pad is only 256x192, some
> folks could use the higher resolution).
> -	

It is a little known fact that the XPAD has ethernet hardware built in. 
Just have to solder on the connector! Ha Ha Ha


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