[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Why USB would be nice.

James Diffendaffer jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 15:30:50 EDT 2005

>Ever since you popped up on this list some months ago, you have 
> defined yourself as someone who criticizes the work of others without
> any deference to them or respect for their efforts.  You slight
> others by emphasizing your promise to create better solutions at a 
> cheaper cost.

Boisy, this all started when I said that I thought $100 was a bit
expensive for an IDE interface considering the parts required to build
one and you jumped all over me for it.  How dare I express and opinion
that something you make was a bit pricey!

I never said your hardware was bad, didn't work or anything like that.
 I said I thought it was expensive.

I made no promise to provide a better solution at a cheaper cost.  I
even publicly stated that *if* I finished the USB port I'd post the
design info and the most that I would ever sell was extra boards on
ebay if I had any produced.  I even publicly posted what would be
involved in a USB interface already!  If you care to prove I'm full of
crap then build one yourself and prove it.

Please excuse me if I have some priorities a little more important
than a 20 year old computer and a piece of hardware I'll never make a
dime off of!

>  And, you continue to pile projects on yourself (the
> GCC port, etc) without any indication of completing them.

What etc?  I've only publicly mentioned USB and GCC.  I said I
*wanted* to port some games from other computers but that's all. 
I do have a couple projects I need to finish for another computer and
I just bought the parts to do that.

The only reason I even messed with GCC in the first place is so I
could use it for another project that requires a decent C compiler and
nobody else's project was going anywhere!

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