[Coco] Re: Why USB would be nice.

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Thu Sep 1 23:29:03 EDT 2005

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>I  will let the "experts" handle this more, but plugging in your camera just 
>might kill your CoCo.
>IF the USB COULD recognize the camera as  a mass storage device, it Could 
>never read the picture files on it.  Most camera
>use Jpeg or Tiff format, and IF the CoCo could read them,  they would 
>probably be way to big for the memory of the CoCo to handle  and I don't 
>think the CoCo can handle Jpeg or Tiff  formats.

Actually, Rogers Projector-3 can show JPG, IIRC.
Photos shot at small resolutions, like 640x480, are about 150KB and would  
fit one to a Coco default floppy disk, or plenty on a HD.
HOWEVER, I think the best use for USB on a Coco would be for one of those  
"chewing gum pack" memory sticks.  Instant backup, maybe boot OS-9 from one  
(there's a SW project for you).  Those sticks hold up to 512MB, bigger than  most 
HDs found on Cocos.
--Mike K.

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