[Color Computer] [Coco] Why USB would be nice.

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 1 17:01:55 EDT 2005

Don't get me wrong, I am not just "promoting" Clould 9, but If you do get a 
usb interface, what real Benifate is it? We all know that hooking up newer 
devices like a digital camera or a scanner will not be fesable on the CoCo, 
so we are left to hook up devices we ALREADY have and were designed (all 
admit some rather slow) to work with the CoCo. Why hook up a USB floppy 
drive when a we have or can make newer controlers for a floppy? So far NO 
one has given "The killer applcation" for USB, they are just re-hashing new 
ways to hook up devices we already have.Thus loading down the CoCo even 
more. Compact flash is already being dropped for never forms like SD etc, 
but floppies will always be a universal standard. Can you see Microsoft 
selling a compact flash card to "Boot" from? not in this day and age when 
floppies are so much more abundant. Network interfaces for the CoCo will not 
be useable with USB. so that just leaves your list of stuff we already have.
>Lets summarize...
>Buy Cloud-9's this that and the other instead of USB.
>SuperIDE = $95
>Keyboard interface = $50
>At $150 you can't attach a floppy drive, a printer, a mouse, SD, xD,
>Memory Stick...
>A USB interface should allow you to attach a floppy drive, RS232,
>parallel, mice, SD, xD, CompactFlash, MicroDrive, Memory Stick, USB
>flash drives, printers, sound interfaces, network interface, graphics
>tablets, joysticks... and it should be easilly sellable for under $75.
>Buying a bunch of interfaces that hook up one device at a time will
>get expensive and you need a new interface anytime you want to attach
>something new.
>New USB stuff is arriving all the time and it only requires ONE
>interface.  Many of the devices use ONE standard driver for ALL of
>them.  If a new memory device comes out the same driver *should* work
>if the manufacturer followed existing standards.  Instead of new
>hardware interfaces for every new device that comes along, just add a
>driver.  Once a few drivers have been written you have code to base
>new drivers on and it gets easier to support new devices.
>I'm not saying you shouldn't buy any of Cloud-9's stuff.  Their stuff
>is here now and it works.  But if you want to look forward to new
>faster CoCos you need to embrace something besides the old CoCo buss
>and USB is an obvious choice.
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