[Coco] Why USB would be Handy

Brian Palmer bpa65117 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Sep 2 22:03:22 EDT 2005

personally ,I'm sick of the infighting, who cares what this person has done,
or what this person hasen't done, If the disagreement keeps going, it's only
going to drive new coco users away.
You people should be glad you still have support in some way, Me I don't, I
live in OZ, which there is no support left. so you lot bicker like theres
nothing better to do, The coco life's to short as it is, If you keep the
bickering going, It's only going to shorten the coco community's life.
Why i believe the USB , is a good idea, the thought of being able to
transfer programs, from my PC to my coco3, without having to use alot of
programs in between, only 2 programs needed, one for the PC, the other on
the coco 3, no more having to use floppy disks , just put in a memory stick
in the USB, and start transferring.
Now tell me ,if that's not going to be the easiest way to move programs back
and forth, I know it will be, and it will have other uses also, But i leave
that up to the other users.
So stop the bickering, and make the coco live longer.
Viva La CoCo
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