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No, I suspect he meant simply that too many folks are either insufficiently 
literate to distinguish between "TRS" and "TI" or simply assume that there 
was only one computer company in Texas back in the "glory years".

My collection is mostly Tandy, as I started with a Mod One when I was fresh 
out of the USAF in '78, then I wound up spending over five years working for 
the company as an RSCC instructor and CSR and while there fell in love with 
the CoCo and then Xenix.  But we have three or so TI machines in the house 
(one in original shrink-wrap), as my wife has a sentimental attachment to 
them, she credits a cassette-based algebra tutorial on that machine with 
getting her through the math requirement to get her nursing degree.  Never 
had much respect for the TI machines myself, as I could count out loud faster 
than they could do a count and print loop in BASIC.

On 05/28/2005 01:33 pm, Tony Podraza wrote:
> So you are saying that the TRS80 Model 1 was really a Texas Instrument
> Computer?  It would make sense, but this is the first time that I have
> heard that co-relation...but I have not delved into the history of the TI
> computers, either.  It may be common knowledge, I just haven't had an ear
> out for it.  My knowledge is only of the TI99/4A and the Series 1500. 
> Those I only know about due to the fact that my wifwe worked in the
> consumer electronics of Pennys and sold the 99/4A and that we had a 1500 at
> work for 8-10 years, as our mini frame.
> -- "Neil Morrison" <neilsmorr at hotpop.com> wrote:
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> From: "Tony Podraza" <tonypodraza at juno.com>
> > He is, indeed, confusing it with the Model 1.  I wrote and ansked about
> "hard" documentation about the FCC recall.  The link he sent me to was the
> TRS80 Homepage.  There is a references to the discontinuing/recall of the
> Mod 1.
> There are all too many who can't tell the difference between TRS-80 and
> Texas Instruments computers.
> Neil
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