[Coco] Re: Interesting Coco program CD

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Tue May 24 10:37:07 EDT 2005

> So, essentially, if you had a CD recorder that accepted input through
> RCA jacks or a mic plug, you could use a CD instead of cassette tape?
> Anybody played with that idea?  It seems the seller of the games has.

Nah, I guess he used a "CAS2WAV" utility to make .wav files from the
.cas files he found in the net (he doesn't seem to care about
copyrights, one leg already tied to the electric chair I guess... ;-))
and used any normal (audio-)CD burning software (like nero to make audio
CDs from the .wav files.

Use an MP3 player with line in to save...

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