[Coco] Memory paging on the coco3

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Tue May 17 16:50:53 EDT 2005

On 17-May-05, at 4:27 PM, Frank Pittel wrote:

> I did get pointed to a site that does a rather complete job
> of describing the gime chip and how the paging works. It all
> looked good until I got to the bottom of the memory mapping
> chart and read how the memory is map as 8K pages. According
> to the page on a coco3 with 512K of ram the pages used are
> numbered from 0-63 which multiplies out to 512K. Then there's
> mention that on a "stock" 128K coco3 pages 56-63 are used.
> Another check with the calculator and I find that works out
> to 64K of ram. I always thought that my Coco3 had 128K of ram.

I was just looking at that reference myself, and yes, it doesn't add  
up. Looking at some handwritten notes I've got, 48 is the bottom page  
for the 128K CoCo3.

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