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> Rumor has it that John Hogerhuis may have mentioned these words:
>>As to an actual GUI, not enough room. With more room, I think this
>>territory is mapped out with Coco Windows and Window Master.
> Is "Window Master" the application that I remember seeing advertised in all 
> the Hot CoCos & Rainbows of the era, that would give you access to 
> "MegaMemory" in Basic? As in, able to utilize all 512K if you had it for 
> huge arrays & whatnot?

Yes - I own copies of both Window Master and CBASIC-3 - both 
applications allow you to access the full 512k, though I never explored 
this area much when I was actively using them (in highschool, a long 
time ago). Both would also work under 128k machines. Basically, they had 
commands to access the extra memory and such, along with a bunch of 
other features.

Curiously enough, a version never (AFAIK) existed that allowed you to 
compile with CBASIC-3, Window Master programs - that is, the commands 
under Window Master for windowing and mouse, etc - weren't available 
under CBASIC-3. You could, however, if you wanted to - build your own 
GUI system in BASIC and compile that. I remember such a piece of code 
appearing in the Rainbow (by Eric Wolf?) - I was inspired myself, and 
built such a thing after his piece appeared as a learning exercise.

> I remember drooling over that back in the day (even tho by then I was a 
> majorbigtime OS-9 geek) and I always thought that if RS-DOS had a chance of 
> "Growing" it would be because of that.
> Anyone know if there's any chance at all of purchasing this software?

I recently (about a month ago) was in contact with Bill Vergona about 
this software. I was trying to find out his thoughts on the copy 
protection on the disks. Since I own the software, and the software only 
works on his "special" disks - I don't dare use them much anymore (they 
are closing in on 15 years of age) - unless I can get them to be copied 
or otherwise run on an emulator or something. He didn't seem too 
receptive to the idea - but he didn't seem to say "don't do it", either.

He wouldn't give me any details on the copy protection. I have a feeling 
that the mechanism is similar to that of Diecom's Gates of Delerium.

Michael, Tim - would you guys be willing to help in the preservation of 
these two pieces of software? I am not sure how we can proceed - but I 
think we need to have more conversation with Bill. Also - any of you out 
there know more about the copy protection on these disks? I had read 
someone on here had a program or something to get around it on the word 
processor software Cer-Comp sold - maybe it is similar? Since Tim owns a 
catweasel - that might help.

Personally - I would like to preserve these for myself, plus I want to 
use it some more - I was always impressed at the speed that CBASIC-3 
gave to programs, it was a nice compiler, and a great editor for code as 
well. My goals at this point aren't to distribute this software "far and 
wide" - but more to preserve it for the day (hopefully?) when I can.

What do others here think about this?

Andrew L. Ayers
Phoenix (Glendale), Arizona

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