[Coco] replacing main rom

John Hogerhuis jhoger at gmail.com
Fri May 13 18:17:50 EDT 2005

Well I guess it depends on what it is you want.

a) Overlapping windows? How much depth? Will you repaint repaint the
portions of themselves that are destroyed by overlappting windows? Or
would you not permit them (personally I consider overlapping windows,
other than tabbed windows to be evil... I only use Ion window manager
or ratpoison, and I browse with Firefox. So you don't need them). Will
contents of window be scrollable? Can programs run in a window?

b) Text graphics or actual graphics

c) size of icons

Personally I'd prefer a nice keyboard driven menu/file manager.
Simple, effective and efficient. But that's just me. IIRC, I remember
setting up Multi-Vue and being very pleased with it. Then I got bored
and went back to my custom batch file that set up a few text windows
on the 80-column screen since it was so much more responsive and
quieter (less grinding floppy noises).

Of course something could be done in 6K. Transparently baiting you there ;-)

I've done my share of "herding cats" :-)

-- John.

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