[Coco] replacing main rom

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Fri May 13 10:28:14 EDT 2005

What probably slows the fast blink is the persistance of the 
phosphor of the CRT. IIRC the persistance is far greater than 2 mS. 
more in the line of 20 mS. 


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> Actually, at the fast timer rate, the blink rate does get so fast as
> to be practically unnoticeable, as I recall;  the characters just take
> on a slight flickering quality.  (The blink rate would be around 2
> msec, which would indeed be too fast to see, but the flicker may
> result from some sort of occasional synchrony with the 60th of a
> second vertical refresh.)  You may well be right that the 12-bit timer
> and the blink attribute timer merely overlap rather than being
> entirely the same thing.
> Art

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