[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] CoCo 2 questions.

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Thu May 12 16:42:24 EDT 2005

I personaly don't have the service manual for that model, but the service 
manuals that tandy put out has both the PAL and The North American Version 
in them. Because they redesigned the Motherboard from the 26-3026/7, my 
diagrams won't be of any use, but I am sure someone out there has them. If I 
had a PAL CoCo2, I would just send it to you for the cost of shipping, but 
all I have is the NA models. Sorry I can'y do anything more.
>Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote:
> > Hi, Phill,
> > What Model number is it?
>26-3136A It is a UK PAL version tho.
> > I have the service manual the 3026,3027. Upgrade instructions are on my
> > website (www.coco.8bit-micro.com) on the CoCo 2 page. yes, You want to
> > replace the chips with 4164 with 200 NS or better time (a good example 
> > TMM4164AP-20 ). I will look closer at the scematics for the other chips 
> > mentioned.
>So looks like upgrade is indeed 2x41464, doesn't work at the moment, so
>if you (or anyon else) have a circuit for this model would be most
>Fault is vertical lines of @ down the screen, I suspect a data path
>fault, ie one of the LS chips that sits between Ram and VDG and RAM and
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