[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] King's Quest for the Coco

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Tue May 10 16:06:28 EDT 2005

    KQIII will run fine on a 720K 3.5" disk in it's entirety (which is the  
way I used to run it before I got a hard drive) on a real Coco, if that  

On Tue, 10 May 2005 07:31:51 -0600, Robert Gault  
<robert.gault at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> You are not missing a step but John Collyer was when the images were  
> posted. KQ3 contains 14 volumes and 12 kq3sg files which are too many  
> for 5 disks. If you start OS-9 and look at the directories of the 5  
> images, each image has very few vol.# files and no kq3sg files.
> A closer look shows that only the even numbered vol.# files vol.0-vol.10  
> are on these five disks. The disks themselves are 630 sectors ie. 35  
> track single sided images. That os9 Free information matches the size of  
> the images at 161,280 bytes. In short, only half of the needed images  
> are present.
> If you List the toc.txt file on the first image, you will see
> d1 s2 v0 v1
> d2 s1 v0 v2 v12
> d2 s2 v0 v3 v12
> d3 s1 v0 v4 v12 v14
> d3 s2 v0 v5 v12 v14
> d4 s1 v0 v6 v12
> d4 s2 v0 v7 v11
> d5 s1 v0 v8 v11
> d5 s2 v0 v9 v11
> This is the disk index which tells the game which disk to ask for. This  
> list is used by TOCGen to create the TOC file actually used by the game  
> and thus you can configure the game for double sided 40 track disks or a  
> hard drive.
> The net result is you are stuck unless someone else can provide all of  
> the needed disk images. Once you get them, we can discuss the optimum  
> way to run the game on MESS which probably would be from a virtual hard  
> drive.
> David wrote:
>> The message posted by Albert reads:
>> "It's already been imaged! You'll find it at RTSI inside of coco.zip -  
>> That's located at: ftp://rtsi.com/RSDOS/incoming/john collyer/ "
>>  Inside the COCO.ZIP in the directory mentioned above, there's  
>> /DSK/KQ1.DSK through /DSK/KQ5.DSK - I'd like to get these working with  
>> both MESS and a real Coco3, if at all possible.. I think I'm missing a  
>> step along the way, or perhaps I'm just in a 'dumb' mood :)
>>  thanks Robert,
>>  David
>>   Robert Gault wrote:
>>> I'm not saying that at all! First, I don't know what A. Stinger  
>>> posted. If you have the url for the RTSI file, I'll look at the images  
>>> and may be able to make some suggestions.
>>> What I said is that you need to know what the structure of the images  
>>> are and insure that the images conform to that required by both the  
>>> game and the emulator in use. Clearly something does not match or the  
>>> game would run for you.
>>> Whatever form the images are in, you should be able to convert them to  
>>> the required format as long as they are not corrupted.

L. Curtis Boyle

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