[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] King's Quest for the Coco

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 10 09:31:51 EDT 2005

You are not missing a step but John Collyer was when the images were 
posted. KQ3 contains 14 volumes and 12 kq3sg files which are too many 
for 5 disks. If you start OS-9 and look at the directories of the 5 
images, each image has very few vol.# files and no kq3sg files.

A closer look shows that only the even numbered vol.# files vol.0-vol.10 
are on these five disks. The disks themselves are 630 sectors ie. 35 
track single sided images. That os9 Free information matches the size of 
the images at 161,280 bytes. In short, only half of the needed images 
are present.

If you List the toc.txt file on the first image, you will see
d1 s2 v0 v1
d2 s1 v0 v2 v12
d2 s2 v0 v3 v12
d3 s1 v0 v4 v12 v14
d3 s2 v0 v5 v12 v14
d4 s1 v0 v6 v12
d4 s2 v0 v7 v11
d5 s1 v0 v8 v11
d5 s2 v0 v9 v11
This is the disk index which tells the game which disk to ask for. This 
list is used by TOCGen to create the TOC file actually used by the game 
and thus you can configure the game for double sided 40 track disks or a 
hard drive.

The net result is you are stuck unless someone else can provide all of 
the needed disk images. Once you get them, we can discuss the optimum 
way to run the game on MESS which probably would be from a virtual hard 

David wrote:
> The message posted by Albert reads:
> "It's already been imaged! You'll find it at RTSI inside of coco.zip - 
> That's located at: ftp://rtsi.com/RSDOS/incoming/john collyer/ "
> Inside the COCO.ZIP in the directory mentioned above, there's 
> /DSK/KQ1.DSK through /DSK/KQ5.DSK - I'd like to get these working with 
> both MESS and a real Coco3, if at all possible.. I think I'm missing a 
> step along the way, or perhaps I'm just in a 'dumb' mood :)
> thanks Robert,
> David
> Robert Gault wrote:
>> I'm not saying that at all! First, I don't know what A. Stinger 
>> posted. If you have the url for the RTSI file, I'll look at the images 
>> and may be able to make some suggestions.
>> What I said is that you need to know what the structure of the images 
>> are and insure that the images conform to that required by both the 
>> game and the emulator in use. Clearly something does not match or the 
>> game would run for you.
>> Whatever form the images are in, you should be able to convert them to 
>> the required format as long as they are not corrupted.

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