[Coco] Re: Making disk images of CoCo disks

tim lindner tlindner at ix.netcom.com
Sun May 8 01:28:17 EDT 2005

supergeekyness <realitystorm at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> I should have specified, I'm trying to make images of CoCo disks using
> a PC, I've tried retrieve.exe with no luck.
> Two of the disks say 0S-9 Level One on them, and the other just says
> 64k.  They are sierra games.
> Has anyone had any luck making images of sierra games?  Particularly
> KQ3 and LL1

Yes. RETRIEVE should have no problem making images of thoes disks. There
must be a problem with your system or the disks might have gone bad. You
need to provide more information to help determine the real problem.

tim lindner
tlindner at ix.netcom.com                                            Bright

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