[Coco] Looking for a monitor for my coco

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Sat May 7 14:54:55 EDT 2005

In a message dated 5/7/05 2:05:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jhoger at pobox.com 

 Why not wait and buy Roy's RGB adapter when it comes out. Then you can
 always hook your coco to any old RGB monitor. >>

        Yep,   I am putting the finishing touches on the I2C monitor
cable interface right at this moment.   I will have a couple of proto types
out the door in a few days then wait for an evaluation on them while I
cook up an improved version with a digital PLL and on board
micro controller.   That shouldn't take long either.
        When I started this project I designed the board with an
analog PLL and no micro controller thinking that would cut
costs.    What I found was I could include a controller for only
pennies per unit and the digital PLL cost only a little more than
a PLL made of discrete components.  ( one or two dollars per unit).
I have been out of touch with the state of the art in microcontrollers
lately and didn't realize thier true affordablility and ease of use.
Thanks to the help I got on this list now I know.
        I also will be presenting a final design for list comment
and approval shortly.
        So dont go spending a lot for an old monitor now, I promise
you wont need it.


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