[Coco] display width of the coco3

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On the Coco3 there are three text width modes. 32, 40 and 80 
characters per line.  32 and 40 are the best  widths in composite 

There is a compatible RGB monitor that Tandy made that does not 
requ ire any modification of circu its or cableing. The CM8 is that 
model. ONLY  PC monitors that support 15KHz line frequency can 
be made to work with the Coco3. Nearly all th enewer modern 
monitors do not supporrt 15KHz line frequency and will not work 
with the Coco3. The Coco3 only has 15KHz line frequency o utput 
and there is no 31KHz frequency to be able to use modern 

The sync polarity and RGB levels out  of the COco3 are not 
compatible either with modern monitors.


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> When in character mode how many characters is a coco3 supposed to be
> able to display on a line? When I hook the video output of my coco to
> the video in on my tv I only get 32 characters across the screen.
> Is there any adapters available to allow me to connect my coco3 to one
> of the many svga monitors that I have?
> Frank
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