[Coco] Coco game for kids

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Tue May 3 18:45:39 EDT 2005

Aaron Banerjee wrote:

>    Who was it that was writing a game in the semigraphics mode?  It was
>to be something like nibbler (the snake game), or Tron.  I had a recent
>discovery with my 4 year old.  I wrote a really simple (using just the
>text screen -- SET/RESET is the same thing, but has "color contamination")
>program where you simply navigate a dot through a maze to get to the "red
>dot" at the end.  He was playing it for hours -- even to the exclusion of
>watching "Thomas the Tank Engine".
>    That would probably be a quick and easy game to write in semigraphics,
>but I seem to have misplaced my Color BASIC books.  How does one switch
>over into semigraphics, and where is the screen memory?  Any more
>information (e.g. controlling/detecting color of pixels) would be helpful.
>                            - Aaron
Hi Aaron,

I'm the guy writing the nibbler-clone in semigraphics.. I'm just using 
semigraphics-4 mode (standard coco 32x16 text screen with block-graphics)

text screen memory starts at &H400 and ends at &H600

I've got an ASM routine or two which does the equivalent of SET/RESET

I'd be interested in seeing your maze-game source, if you feel like 
sharing :)

I'll put together some more info on controlling/detecting pixels, a 
little later today


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