[Coco] DSK images to coco

tim lindner tlindner at ix.netcom.com
Sun May 1 13:04:47 EDT 2005

George Ramsower <yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com> wrote:

> I have no problem transferring this file to my coco. I do have a problem
> getting it onto a disk from my Coco.
> nos96309l2v030205_80d.dsk
> How do I write this to a floppy using my CoCo3 and OS-9 L2?
> Is there a way to split out the files onto the hard drive in my Coco3?
> Forget Windows, MS-DOS and all that. I'm trying to do this on a real, live
> COCO3 running OS-9 L2!!

Use a serial link to get the disk image on your CoCo's hard drive.

Format a blank 80 track double sided disk in /d1

Issue the following command under OS9 Level 2:

 copy nos96309l2v030205_80d.dsk @/d1

tim lindner
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