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Ward Griffiths wdg3rd at comcast.net
Sun May 1 02:56:26 EDT 2005

On 05/01/2005 03:46 am, Charles Richmond wrote:
> Yes, Asimov was a most interesting man. He was a child prodigy and a
> very prolific author. He used to write a book about every month. My
> understanding is that Radio Shack gave him a regular ole' TRS-80 and
> some word processing software...and got him started with using a
> computer for word processing.

The TRS-80 Model 2 with Scripsit 2.0 was the _only_ word processor Asimov ever 
used.  He never "upgraded" to a PC compatible.  He published a couple of 
articles about the learning process, I forget which magazine, perhaps Popular 
Computing, in 1980-81.  I've seen those articles in one of his article 

His word processing system (Model 2, expansion bay with one 8" SSDD drive, 
Daisy Wheel II printer) was on display for several years in the SF bookstore 
in Greenwich Village.  I have no idea as to its current status since Baird 
Searles died and the store closed.  I'd love to add it to my collection, even 
though I already have a Mod 2.  Scripsit 2.0 is still one of my three 
favorite WP packages (after Scripsit-16 for Xenix/Unix and AllWrite for the 
1/3/4).  Sorry, but I was never crazy about using my Color Computers for real 
word processing.
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