[Coco] CoCo's and fans

PaulH96636 at aol.com PaulH96636 at aol.com
Sat Jun 18 05:55:47 EDT 2005

I never had a Dragonfly fan but did explore the use of a piezo fan quite  
some time ago. It was
a disappointment because of stupid company policy.  The  company/distributor 
wanted any
user to purchase a demo pack of 3 fans of different sizes for about $50 but  
I was unwilling to
do that since I needed only one fan, and didn't know which size(s) would  fit 
into a Coco.
A visit to the company (somewhat local) was unproductive: not only would  
they not sell me 
one fan, but didn't even display the sizes available, and kept me waiting  in 
the front office until
I got up and left.
Much later, at a flea market, I was able to find a piezo fan but it  was too 
large for a Coco. I
did buy the fan to see how it worked.  It runs on 120vac and produces  an air 
current by using
a set of vibrating rectangular leaves, somewhat like two sticks of  gum; a 
smaller one may have worked well, but have since never used it in any  device.  
I don't know where piezo fans are currently used or where they may  be 
available if at all.

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