[Coco] Vol. IX No. 1 Scanned

Benoit Bleau benbleau at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 19:18:44 EDT 2005

You know, if you need a scan of a better preserved magazine, we could scan
it and put it on your site. No need to destroy a Rainbow for a scan of the


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From: Michael Wayne Harwood

I have finished scanning the 132 pages that comprise Vol. IX No. 1 (August
1989) and will be plugging in into PDF format this evening so that I can
estimate size needs for media.  The raw image files saved as compressed .tif
files weighs in at just a smidgeon over 1gb in size, and I am fairly excited
to see my size estimates be incorrect in a positive way!

This particular volume has a poor quality cover that was not noted in the
collection notes, and I think I need to pour over the covers once more and
be more critical about the quality.

One down, 142 to go....

Michael Harwood

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