[Coco] Donation of Rainbow Magazines

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Tue Jun 14 14:46:25 EDT 2005

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michael at musicheadproductions.org writes:

<< Several of you have mentioned that you would be willing to donate magazines
 so that they could be scanned for the Rainbow on Disc project.  Would you
 please look over my list of magazines
 (http://musicheadproductions.org/coco/rainbow_collection.htm)  and let me
 know if any of the magazines that I am missing are in your "would be willing
 to donate" pile?  >>


         I have a collection which covers the first issue newsletter upto
and including 1990.    I have about half of 1991 and one issue of
1992.      I will get my collection out and gather up all issues you
need and send them to you.

        Two things.     I will send my entire collection if you want.
I think we should minimize the loss to the community by limiting
it to one or two nearly complete collections.       Also,  I need a
snail mail address preferably a non P.O.. box address so
I can use FED EX.   Send the address off-list if you want.   I will ship
them at my own expense so dont worry about that.     Also, you
do not have to ship them back.    After
all,  I am going to have a complete DVD or CD version  so I wont need them
any more. :)


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