[Coco] Rainbow on Disc - Anonymous FTP

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Tue Jun 14 09:36:45 EDT 2005

The hardware on which my FTP server runs got rebooted last night, and as a
result of not having the proftpd daemon set to auto start the FTP site was
down all last night....sorry!  I have tested the FTP server from work and
had no issues, but James has been seeing issues logging in...can someone
aside from the two of us test the FTP site and let me know if it's working
for you?

Michael Harwood

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Hmmm...could you try again this time with user "anonymous" and a blank

> Not letting me in.  Says that either the username or password is 
> incorrect.  So much for trying to be Anonymous <G>.

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