[Coco] Yet another use for a coco...

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Mon Jun 13 02:24:05 EDT 2005

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From: "Aaron Banerjee" <spam_proof at worldnet.att.net>

>    I seem to have misplaced my Coco I technical spec manual.  Does anyone
> know how much current the cassette relay can handle?  Is it different for
> grey models, coco 2's and coco3's?  I'm wanting to use the cassette relay
> to control a heating element for a fermentation vessel (I'm making wine
> and beer).
>    Thanks in advance.  Oh, one more thing, how long is it "safe" to keep a
> coco continuously running without having it crash or freeze up?
>                               - Aaron

IIRC, the relay can drive another relay if the current and voltage are below
about 6V and 100 mA (assume it's a light reed relay).

The Coco may overheat unless you have a fan running alongside it.


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