[Coco] Yet another use for a coco...

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 12 21:54:29 EDT 2005

Typical cassette relay specs are 0.5A maximum at 6VDC from the service 
manual 26-3002A/3A/4A. Given the catalog number, this should apply to 
several different Coco1 models. The Coco3 owners manual lists exactly 
the same specs so it looks like it will be true for any Coco 1-3.

It should be safe to keep a Coco1 on for ever if there is adequate 
ventilation for the case. The original case does not have adequate air 
flow and the heat sinks are marginal or non-existent. That is not the 
same thing as non-crash run time. Any computer, without self correction 
capability, will crash as cosmic radiation will eventually zap a memory 
byte value. You may be able to Google for general crash time information 
as a function of memory size versus on time. I don't remember seeing 
this for the Coco.

Aaron Banerjee wrote:
>    I seem to have misplaced my Coco I technical spec manual.  Does anyone
> know how much current the cassette relay can handle?  Is it different for
> grey models, coco 2's and coco3's?  I'm wanting to use the cassette relay
> to control a heating element for a fermentation vessel (I'm making wine
> and beer).
>    Thanks in advance.  Oh, one more thing, how long is it "safe" to keep a
> coco continuously running without having it crash or freeze up?
>                               - Aaron

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