[Coco] Rainbow on Disc - OCR

Shawn M. Hedgecorth smh1 at wi.rr.com
Sat Jun 11 18:27:16 EDT 2005

Personally, I think that the second option is the better way to go. Also, if
we are including files from Rainbow on Tape/Disk, there is no need to OCR
the program listings (except for the one/two liners or patches that were not
included on the original tape/disk media).

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From: Michael Wayne Harwood
Date: 06/11/05 13:49:40
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Subject: [Coco] Rainbow on Disc - OCR
Here are some thoughts and questions I have in regards to the OCR subject.

In regards to category two:
We would want a system for searching that is cross platform.  I would
think that we would want to separate program listings, and perhaps
individual articles, into separate files.
Michael Harwood

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