[Coco] Rainbow on Disc - OCR

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Sat Jun 11 15:47:45 EDT 2005

How would we handle a full text search for the entire collection if we
used PDF as the sole source for OCR'd text?  I am not suggesting we do not
create PDF's that are searchable, selectible, etc - but if we included the
entire text as .txt files we almost all computer systems would be able to
search a directory heirarchy for a particular keyword wihin a file.  This
would also allow us to organize the texts by volume, article title (e.g.
"Barden's Buffer"), source code, etc.  If we designed the file name
structure well enough we would be able to make searching incredible easy. 
Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this??

I personally think that including the text in this manner is a higher
priority than making an all inclusive PDF.  I am not saying we shouldn't
do an all inclusive text enabled PDF, just that I think that it's lower on
the list of priorities.

Michael Harwood

> Whatever works as PDF will be fine. Adobe Reader is available for these:-

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