[Coco] cost of rainbow archive

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Sat Jun 11 08:12:30 EDT 2005

At 11:08 PM 6/10/2005, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:


Boisy and I also discussed this as well. We think the market could have the 
potential to be significant. Current user base, educational institutions, 
libraries, collectors, etc.

Having the ability to search the DVD as a keyword or what ever is key, 
IHMO. Just having the images scanned is good for preservation but I 
wouldn't click through a whole issue. Just don't have the time. To search 
for a specific word or article/index, that would be slick.....


>I'm curious what some of the vendors on the list think the conservative
>estimate of the size of the market for the rainbow archive is.
>This would be useful information since we can decide what kind of
>quantity pricing we can get on printing CDs, and how much production
>overhead can be spread across the units of product.
>-- John.
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