[Color Computer][Coco] Rainbow on Disc - OCR

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Jun 10 22:57:46 EDT 2005

That broaches a subject I have been pondering.  Excellent segway (pun
intended)!!  If OCR is feasible should there be standardization in OCR
software?  This goes for the application chosen to build the PDF as well. 
Adobe Acrobat is fairly expensive, even on Ebay.  Neil - would you be
willing to be soley responsible for the OCR work if no one else is willing
to purchase the software?

The excellent features described in an earlier email in regards to links,
bookmarks, selectable text, etc is going to take software of a much higher
caliber than imagemagick.  There are several remedies for this -
donations, personal investment of the project members with hopes to recoup
costs on the sales of the final product...  I think you see where I am
going.  I want to produce the best product possible with good features,
but how do we do this and keep the project costs reasonable?

We also need to do the best we can on the first pass since the upgrade
path is not free.  Lonnie has made it clear to me that subsequent upgrades
in the product will also be subject to licensing costs.


Michael Harwood

>> But that's some expensive magic...their website lists ABBYY finereader
>> it at $299.99.
> Look for version 7.0 on eBay.

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