[Coco] Rainbow on Disc

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Jun 10 15:05:46 EDT 2005

Silk screened DVDRs could be purchased in lots of 250 for as little as $168
for single color prints, while five color prints (my preference) would run
$230 for a lot of 250 discs.  If bulk printed DVDRs were used we could
design the faces to have blank spots for filling in pertinent information
such as disc number, volume, etc.

I downloaded a copy of the October 1981 issue of "80 Micro" from Ira's site
(http://www.trs-80.com) and I am pretty impressed!  The quality is excellent
and 388 pages ended up being packed into a 128mb PDF.  I emailed Ira asking
if he would be willing to provide advice based on his experiences.  Tell me
what you guys think, but if the same quality were achieved I would be very

Michael Harwood

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My suggestion would either be to go cheap and use a marker (on the argument
that it's the quality of the data that counts).

If that's not kosher, than it should be printed directly on the CD. And
yeah, there are various companies that will do this work start to finish
once we have a master CD. Unless someone already has an automatic CD
duplicator/printer that we can use, I think it should be contracted out.

(BTW, sticky "labels" are a very bad idea for various reasons... must be a
printed on)

-- John.

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