[Coco] Rainbow on Disc - OCR

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Thu Jun 9 22:28:49 EDT 2005


I have emailed Lonnie considering the Rainbow on Disk/Tape subject and his
answer was that there would not be additional license fees for inclusion
of source code that was in an issue that license fees were already paid
for.  By this same reasoning I would think that OCR'd text of articles
would be in the same vein.  Lonnie also told me that upgrades to the
product would not be covered under the auspices of a free upgrade.  So if
we do not OCR the magazines to begin with but offer them at a later time
we will need to charge an additional license fee of the same amount - no
free upgrade paths.

I think that the decision to do full OCR should be made up front, and
honestly I think that it's going to be such a huge amount of work in
addition to what is already before us and should be out of scope for this

Michael Harwood

> This is why I suggested raw PDF ascii files on the same DVD, perhaps in
> the same directory with the PDF file. Then readers could grep Rainbow,
> find the relevant article and page number, then pop open the PDF and
> jump to the right page.
> Pretty much the same thing, much less work.
> Have you broached the OCR subject with Lonnie?
> -- John.

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