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Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Thu Jun 9 16:20:31 EDT 2005

Thank you!!

As a side note regarding scanner equipment I do not feel that a document
feeder is necessary - it's a conveinance.  My own scanner's document
feeder produces streaky documents due to the way it is built and I plan on
doing the scaning by hand.  I spent hours last night doing test and feel
like I have a work flow that works for me.  If you want to participate and
do the scanning a page at a time please feel free to do so.

We will be pursuing setting quality standards insofar as what ppi to scan
at and what color bit-depth master scans will need to be, but that has not
yet been determined to anyone's satisfaction.  We may need people who take
on scanning to have access to a DVD burner to mail in master scans.

We also do not have a compensation model in place for volunteers - for the
time being assume that you will receive nothing for your efforts except
the satisfaction of participating.  I cannot afford to pay for shipping
for everone, and the other costs involved wiht wear and tear of equipment
needs to be taken on at the descretion of the volunteer.  Someone
mentioned that a PayPal donation system should be setup and I think that
might be a good way to generate money for project expenses.

I am discussing the possibilty of giving scanner volunteers a free set of
the finished product with Lonnie, but at this point it looks like he would
not be agreeable to that for any more than 4 or so people.  It would not
be fair for the first 4 scanners to get free sets, but mayhap we could all
agree on some sort of reward system for the 4 most helpful volunteers...

Michael Harwood

> I will volunteer my magazines to the cause.  I have been collecting
> duplicate magazines over the past few years in the hope of scanning them
> in.  I'll post later with a list of issues that I have.
> I also have a number of Rainbow on disks and tape if we go in that
> direction.  Since I have a Catweasel, making copies of the disks would be
> very easy for me.
> I'd like to volunteer to scan, but since I don't have access to a sheet
> feeder, I'm not sure how much help I could be.
> --Ken Carlin
> On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
>> As a first step in organizing this project I think it is a good idea to
>> make a call for volunteers.  I know several people have already
>> volunteered, and I think I may have missed some.  There are a lot of
>> details to be hammered out in regards to particulars, but I would like
>> to
>> start getting an idea of who is interested in participating.  Here's who
>> I
>> have so far:
>>  - Shawn Hedgecorth is willing to help with scanning and will donate
>> magazines to the cause.
>>  - Roger Merchberger will help with DVD duplication and software
>> testing.
>>  - I plan on assisting with the scanning, donating magazines, running
>> the
>> project (unless vetoed), and making the legal agreements with Lonnie for
>> distribution (unless someone else has a desire to take on this
>> responsibility).
>> There has been some activity by some other users testing scanning
>> parameters and the like, but I don't remember if they ever volunteered
>> or
>> are just doing this for fun and info.
>> Thoughts?  Corrections?  Volunteers?
>> Regards,
>> Michael Harwood
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