[Coco] Call for Volunteers

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Thu Jun 9 15:50:25 EDT 2005

As a first step in organizing this project I think it is a good idea to
make a call for volunteers.  I know several people have already
volunteered, and I think I may have missed some.  There are a lot of
details to be hammered out in regards to particulars, but I would like to
start getting an idea of who is interested in participating.  Here's who I
have so far:

 - Shawn Hedgecorth is willing to help with scanning and will donate
magazines to the cause.

 - Roger Merchberger will help with DVD duplication and software testing.

 - I plan on assisting with the scanning, donating magazines, running the
project (unless vetoed), and making the legal agreements with Lonnie for
distribution (unless someone else has a desire to take on this

There has been some activity by some other users testing scanning
parameters and the like, but I don't remember if they ever volunteered or
are just doing this for fun and info.

Thoughts?  Corrections?  Volunteers?

Michael Harwood
/All spelling errors are intenshunal/

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