[Coco] Scan Test

John Hogerhuis jhoger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 15:04:43 EDT 2005

Each issue needs to be reviewed individually by whoever is putting the
PDFs together to look for efficiencies.

PDF is basically PostScript with a few formal structure rules added.

Basically you can do whatever you want from page to page in a PDF file.

The covers should be as you say lossy compressed, JPG should be fine.

The internal pages will mostly be 2-bit per pixel b&w. Use color
internally where appropriate for Coco Gallery and such.

As to 8-bit vs 24bit: my point is that internally, 8-bit color for the
occasional color halftone (assuming we need to preserve that... I
think it's a waste of effort) is good enough. For pictures, screen
shots, etc. I agree 8-bit color may not be enough.

If you scan the whole thing in color, I think we'll only be able to
move the raw images between the volunteers by snail mail of DVDs. That
may be OK.

-- John.

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