[Color Computer] Re: [Coco] Rainbow in PDF?

John Murphy jmurphy at delphiforums.com
Wed Jun 8 00:02:37 EDT 2005

Doesn't Rainbow pre-date Win 3.1? And when did WordPerfect for Windows come 
out? *After* the first issue of Rainbow, I believe.

John Murphy

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> Kinda, but not quite. All of the programs were run and tested on a Color
> Computer, but everything else was done on Tandy computers running Windows
> 3.1. All text was written and edited in WordPerfect for Windows, final 
> text
> and code imported into Aldus PageMaker, and final output printed on a
> Linotronic typesetter (film printer).
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>> IIRC, he used a Tandy 1000 for the typesetting:  he explained it in a
>> print#-2 column, but the overall gist was that Falsoft used Cocos for 
>> most
>> of it, but the "final assembly" was done on a DOS PC.
>> John
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