[Coco] The Hot CoCo -> 80 Micro re-merge...

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According to WikiCoCo24 web page there were 6 more monthly 
columns for the coco after the merger. I seem to remember 80 
Micro dies there abouts. I t hink Wayne Green got bored or 
something and sold the mags off. 

heres the link



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> Was reading through a couple of recently aquired Hot CoCo magazines,
> and on the February 1986 issue the publisher makes a remark on the
> final page about *this* being the last stand alone issue of Hot CoCo,
> and that starting March 1986 suscribers would start to get 80 Micro in
> which Hot CoCo would have a "presence" as a section in the parent
> magazine.
> For how long did 80 Micro sustain a separate CoCo section after the
> re-merge?. I say re-merge because Hot CoCo initially spun-off 80 Micro
> when the CoCo material started to get more demand.
> My interest lies on knowing which 80 Micro issues after March 1986
> would be nice to get (if possible) and have something CoCo related
> within...
> -=[ Rogelio ]=- 
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