Not enough room! Was - Re: [Coco] Entire OT: Me and mine

Jim Cox jimcox at
Thu Jun 2 17:42:27 EDT 2005

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem.
I've just spent the last two months getting rid of a lot 
of stuff from my past so I can have more room (and time) 
for tech projects.  Unfortunately the more I dig into the 
piles of stuff, the more I find.  It's amazing how much 
junk one can stash over a couple of decades.

Maybe I was just overwelmed by all the junk in my place, 
but I will say hat getting rid of a lot of stuff that had 
emotional baggage attached to it, helped me regain my 
focus a bit.

I think all techie types, myself included are by nature 
packrats with a mild case of OCD :)


On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 16:30:37 -0500
  Mark Marlette <mark at> wrote:
> james,
> Boy I hear that. I have a 3200+ sq house and there just 
>isn't enough
> room for all the cocos and projects. :)
> Mark
> Quoting jdaggett at
>> Boisy
>> slow right now. Some functions I need to test  first on 
>>the actual
>> chip. Until some work is done here at the homestead, 
>>that will not
>> get done. Space right now is a premium here and until a 
>>few things
>> are done to alleviate the space problem, I am stalled.
>> james

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